Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm Back!!!! Cue the Cheers!!! Or Cue the Cricket Chirps???

Well readers, if you are still out there, I'm back.  For real this time.  I am embarrassed to say I've had a few "I'm back" moments, but they just haven't stuck.  I was considering giving up my blog for good, because I've been so stinking busy.  But then I got a check from Google.  It was  my first one.  Being the disgustingly poor stay at home mom/wife of equally poor full time college student, I felt like doing this......

It was for 100 dollars, which is a flippin' fortune to me.  This check changed my mind.  I'm not really returning for the money.  I mean, it took me 3 years, 2 of which were so hardcore it was practically a full time job to earn that 100 buckaroos, so no, I'm not exactly ballin', but it just sort of made my blog real to me again.  I got so burned out on it, and kept putting it off it felt like my blog was already gone.  The check b-slapped me back to feeling like a blogger again.  So here I am.  I actually have significanty less time to maintain this blog now that I am home with my kids, but my oldest heads off to Kindergarten in a few weeks *sniff sniff* so I figure between that, naptimes, and early bedtimes, I can make this work.  I love blogging, I love my blogging friends, I love my followers, but most of all I love books! I can't wait to get back into the conversation!


Marie McCulloch said...

Yea, I love you! ... and Huzzah for 100 bucks!

Kate the Book Buff said...

Yeah.....I'm not gunna lie, you're basically one of my favorite people of all time Marie :)

Marcia said...

OMG I love your Blog :) Maybe you would like to visit also mine ;)

Greetings from Germany :)


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