Review Guidelines

  • I am happy to receive requests to review books.  Please direct requests to k8thebookbuff (at) yahoo (dot) com
  • When you send a review query e-mail, please include the book's title in the subject line and please include the book's genre and intended audience in the e-mail as well (but not in the subject line please)
  • All genres are accepted, with the exception of erotica (Just so everyone knows before they submit a review request, I do not bend on the no erotica rule, no matter how good the book is otherwise! :). 
  • If you send me an e-copy of the book, and if after beginning to read it I find I am uncomfortable with the content (whether it be language, sexual content, etc.) I reserve the right to inform you that I withdraw my acceptance of review and I will erase the digital copy.  If it is a print copy  you have provided and I find I am uncomfortable (I get uncomfortable when material is extremely explicit) I reserve the right to have a guest reviewer review the book on my blog so that your book is not wasted.  If you'd like to get a taste of Jenn's reviews, so you know you are in capable hands, click here and here.  When you send me an e-mail, please give me some indication as to how explicit the material is in your book so that we can avoid this problem from the beginning.
  • In your review request e-mail, please indicate if you are amenable to sponsoring giveaways, if you do not specify either way, I may send you a follow up e-mail asking this question (sponsoring a giveaway simply means that once I have chosen a winner, I will e-mail you their address and you send them a copy, as the author, you make the decisions as to the limitations of the giveaway)  I may or may not ask you to sponsor a giveaway, but I need to know if you are open to it
  • When you send The Book Buff a complimentary copy of your book for review, you accept the risk that you may not necessarily get a favorable review.  I do not write mean spirited reviews just for the sake of being mean for fun, but if I did not love your book, I will indicate so and will give constructive criticism.  
  • If you have my address, please do not send me followup books without discussing it beforehand, unless I have expressly given you permission to do so.  If you do send me another book of yours without discussing it first, or you are not an author that I have given permission to send books at any time, you run the risk of not having your book reviewed because we didn't discuss the content beforehand.  Please do not waste your hard earned money!  Just send me a quick little e-mail that says "Hey, are you interested in the sequel?"  Chances are I will say yes, but I'd like a heads up first!
  • After you have sent The Book Buff your complimentary review copy, I may contact you as the time comes closer to your review post with a standard author questionnaire.  You may or may not participate, it will not affect the outcome of your review.  It is highly recommended as it will make your book stand out among the crowd.  I may edit your answers, but edits will only be shortening if necessary, I will never change the wording.
  • If you send The Book Buff a PDF of your book, please do not send a partial version of your book, for a preview as this will not be accepted and reviewed.  Please include the book in it's entirety. 
  • Review Guidelines are subject to change.
Miscellaneous (IMPORTANT) Announcements:

  • Please do not put me on your e-mail lists for updates regarding your books unless I specifically ask after the review of your book has already been posted.  I simply don't have time to follow every link sent to me.  The reason for this is because I review anywhere from 3 to 6 books a week, I can't get updates on all of them, it takes up too much time to go through them all.  Please ONLY e-mail me when the subject is directly relating to our review agreement.  If you do send me the e-mails, I will e-mail you back and ask to be removed from your address book.  I really hate doing this because I feel so bad!  Please do not take it personally or think I have any ill will toward you if this is the case.  While I always appreciate interest in The Book Buff, as I said before, I simply don't have time to go through each e-mail.  Thank you so much!

  • Regarding ARCs and galleys:  As an aspiring writer myself, I understand how much work one puts into writing a book, and how much piracy and disrespect of another person's intellectual property can hurt.  You can rest assured that your work is safe in my hands.  I do not abuse the trust an author/publisher puts in me by giving me a copy of the book   Your e-book files are not shared, and your ARC copies are not resold.
  • The Book Buff's Tip Jar:  I don't charge for my reviews, but I do have a "tip jar" on my blog (the button is located on the right sidebar under the followers gadget)  If you so choose, you may contribute to keep the Book Buff up and running, and any amount is appreciated but there is ZERO obligation.  It is important for all tippers to know that all tips are ANONYMOUS and tipping will NOT get you a more favorable review, contrarily, as I have no idea who tips and who doesn't, your review will not suffer if you don't tip.  All reviews are 100% my own opinion and are not influenced in any way by anyone else.


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