Rating System

  1. Pay Full Price Guilt Free-This book is perfection.  Wouldn't change a thing, it is a permanent addition to my library.  I will love it forever.  This is the kind of book you read multiple times in your life.  This is the kind of book that if someone asks you about it, you won't be able to shut yourself up!
  2. Use a Coupon at Borders-This book is one that is near perfection.  I might not necessarily be able to think of anything I'd want to change, but it just isn't perfect.  It must be an absolute page turner, as well as have resonance.  By resonance I mean, am I left pondering and contemplating this book for hours, days, weeks, after I finish?  This is usually one you want to add to your permanent library to read again.
  3. Find a Used Book Store-Very enjoyable, and often a page turner.  Does not have much resonance, and I can usually find something specific I would change.  This is the kind of book that is fun to read once, but after that, you don't really mind if you never see it again.  This book is usually not a permanent addition to your library, but was very enjoyable none the less.
  4. Borrow from a Friend-This book may or may not be very enjoyable.  Some people think that because "Find a Used Book Store" is the rating in the middle, that those are the books that are just okay.  This is not the case.  "Borrow from a Friend" is a book that you describe as just okay.  It is not necessarily a waste of your time to read, but if you actually gave money in exchange for this book, you might be kicking yourself.
  5. Don't Even Bother-I think we can safely say this one is pretty much self explanatory.


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