Friday, August 3, 2012

Holy Backlash Batman! Hunger Games Just got REAL!

Photo used under Creative Commons from  Kevin Dooley

Yeah.  So.  On April 1st of this year, I did a little April Fool's joke on all of you.  You can see the post here.  The joke was that they were announcing a 4th Hunger Games book and as far as I've heard, they aren't.  Well.  Let me tell you, as if everyone in the whole universe didn't already know, there are some cuh-raaaazy people out there cruising the interwebz.  Okay, I expected to bug some people with my April Fool's joke but man, some of the comments I've received are certifiably insane.  I received 2 death threats (not real sounding ones of course, just impotent internet addicts raging the only way they can) numerous curse outs and an uncountable amount of "I hate you"s.  Seriously.  All because I made a joke.  I haven't posted any of these comments, so if you've already raced over to the post to read these crazy comments and come back, you've realized they aren't there.  You won't see them because I don't allow language on my blog.  Anyway, if any of you crazies are reading this post IT WAS A JOKE!  CHILL OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Have any of you other bloggers out there ever had a disproportionate amount of backlash on something you posted?  Do tell, I am very interested to hear any war stories out there!


Susan said...

Death threats? Seriously? Some people are so ridiculous. I thought it was a great joke -- you totally got me. Some people just don't get it ...

Kate the Book Buff said...

People are just plain insane!


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