Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Duck Song

Bryant Oden

A one-of-a-kind musical picture book, this comical story tells the tale of a determined duck who pleads for grapes at the most unlikely of places: a lemonade stand.

My Take:

My daughter loved this book!  It is big and bright and the story is funny and appealing to very young kids (my daughter is 3, I think that is about the age for this book).  There isn't really any lesson to be learned, it is just fun and entertaining.  You can read the book to your child, or, you can turn on the CD that comes along with the book and they can read along themselves.  A word of warning: The Duck Song is VERY catchy and might get stuck in your head all day!  The song featured in the book is on the CD along with 11 other original silly songs.  I really enjoyed experiencing this book with my daughter, and I'd recommend it to very young kids.  The book also has a little button on the front that will play music as well.  So to recap: a really fun, hardcover kid's book, a great CD and music built right in to the book, I'd say this book is a great deal.  I think kid's books are overpriced in general, but since this one has so many extras, I'm going to give it full marks and rate it a 1, Buy Full Price.

Do you agree with my review?  Do you think I'm totally off base?  Either way I'd love to hear from you, be sure to leave a comment and tell me how you feel!

This book is appropriate for all audiences

*** FTC Disclosure:  This book was provided in exchange for an honest review, no other compensation was given, all opinions are my own***

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