Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Book of Names

Jill Gregory and Karen Tintori

"Within each generation, there are thirty-six righteous souls. Their lives hold the key to the fate of the world. Now someone wants them dead.

When a childhood tragedy comes back to haunt Professor David Shepherd, he finds himself in possession of knowledge that holds the world in a delicate balance. He uncovers the Book of Names---an ancient text originating with the biblical Adam, and thought lost to history forever. By Kabbalistic tradition, the book contains the names of each generation's thirty-six righteous souls---the Hidden Ones---by whose merits alone the world continues to exist. Legend holds that if all thirty-six Hidden Ones were eliminated, the world would meet its end.

When the Hidden Ones start dying of unnatural causes, the world grows increasingly unstable: war in Afghanistan, massive flooding in New York, brutal terrorist attacks in Melbourne, a tanker explosion in Iran. David finds himself battling against the Gnoseos, a secret religious sect whose goal is to destroy the world by eliminating all of the righteous souls. David's involvement quickly turns personal when his stepdaughter's name is discovered to be one of the endangered. With the help of a brilliant and beautiful Israeli ancient texts expert, David races to decipher the traditions of the Kabbalah to save the righteous souls, his stepdaughter, and perhaps the world."

My Take:

"The Book of Names" was a high concept book with a fresh idea, I've not really heard of in the past. It was based on Kabbalah beliefs, so I was a little wary of it being a medium through which the likes of Madonna would promote her fly by night Kabbalah beliefs, but it wasn't that at all. It simply used the intriguing idea as a backdrop for a good action romp. I liked the infusion of action and information, and neither aspect is overdone. However, though I enjoyed this book, it isn't one that really sticks in your head after you read. After I'd finished it I thought, "well that was nice, what do I want to read next?" I didn't really sit there and think about it afterward. That being said, it does hold your attention as you read it, so I'd recommend it. I rate this book a 3, Find a Used Book Store, "The Book of Names" is worth paying for, but definitely not full price.

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Do you agree with my review? Do you think I'm totally off base? I'd love to hear about it either way! Be sure to comment and tell me how you feel!

If this book were a movie it might be rated between PG and PG-13.  It is a bit violent, but not overwhelmingly so.

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