Friday, May 6, 2011

Stone Kissed

Keri Stevens

When Delia Forrest talks to statues, they talk back. She is, after all, the last of the Steward witches.

After an arsonist torches her ancestral home with her estranged father still inside, Delia is forced to sell the estate to pay his medical bills. Her childhood crush, Grant Wolverton, makes a handsome offer for Steward House, vowing to return it to its former glory. Delia agrees, as long as he'll allow her to oversee the restoration.
Working so closely with Grant, Delia finds it difficult to hide her unique talent—especially when their growing passion fuels her abilities.

But someone else lusts after both her man and the raw power contained in the Steward land. Soon Delia finds herself fighting not just for Grant's love, but for both their lives...

My Take:

This was a weird one for me to rate.  I absolutely loved the main character's totally random ability to communicate with statues, but there were many, less wow-y aspects of the book to consider.  I'll get what I didn't love over with in the beginning, then we'll end on a positive note:)  The antagonist of the book wasn't all that great.  I mean, she was some weirdo succubus chick who totally creeped me out, but she wasn't really all that much of a threat to the main character, and after all, isn't that the point of an antagonist?  It almost felt like she belonged in a different book altogether.  Now, the other thing I didn't love: Grant, the love interest.  The reason I don't care for him isn't so much the fact that he's a bit of a d-bag, because let's face it, romance novel love interests are full of 'em, but more the fact that he was dumb enough to agree to marry a girl he thought to be a full on lunatic/liar.  Now of course, we omniscient readers know she isn't but he doesn't!  Why on earth would you want to saddle yourself to a lifetime of that???  If you really believe a girl to be a lunatic/liar, you really want to raising your children, etc?  Didn't make sense to me, but whatever, I was still glad they got together in the end.  Now to the good stuff.  I absolutely loved Delia's interaction with the statues all around her.  They all had fun and interesting personalities and I felt that Delia was a great character.  If you like either paranormal or romance, check this one out.  It is just one of those fun dinky romances I love so much, but since it isn't the sort of thing that you will want to read over and over, I rate it a 4, Borrow from a Friend.

Tell me what you think!  Have you read this book?  What did you think of the antagonist?  What did you think of Grant?  What do you think about the fact that the main character can talk to statues?  Do you find that interesting or not?  Hit the comments!

If Stone Kissed was a movie it would likely be rated R for violence and sexual content

***FTC Disclosure: This book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, no other compensation was given, all opinions are my own***

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Mad Scientist said...

I enjoyed how different this book was. It was nothing like anything that I have read before.

Please do feel free to stop by to see the Cover Reveal of The Rift Walker.

Mad Scientist
Steampunkery & Book Reviews
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Kate the Book Buff said...

@Mad Scientist-my absolute favorite thing about the book was its different-ness :)


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