Friday, May 20, 2011

Once Upon a Scandal

Delilah Marvelle

Lady Victoria Jane Emerson left behind her girlish notions of romance when Jonathan deserted her without a backward glance. Now the time has come when she must finally choose a husband, and she has vowed to marry someone who will never break her heart.

Jonathan Pierce Thatcher, Viscount Remington, has returned home, free of all his family's debts. Only to discover that by some miracle he has been chosen to vie for the hand of his beloved Victoria. To convince his only love to once again believe in the magic of love and the promise of desire will be his greatest challenge yet. And one he cannot fail!

My Take:

Do you ever read a romance novel, but the romance moves so quickly, you don't know where the story can go for the rest of the book?  That thought ran across my mind several times in this book, and the author kept taking it in a random direction I wasn't expecting, so kudos to her for that.  The book itself was not too bad, but it felt a little disjointed at times and I didn't love all of the characters.  I enjoyed the love interest, Remington.  He was flawed but wonderful and stubborn and romantic.  Victoria on the other hand was a big ol' pain in the butt and I didn't really get why Remington was hopelessly in love with her.  Several times I just wanted to smack her and tell her to get over herself and chill out.  She was super cold and unfeeling, but of course her handsome love warmed her up by the end, it is a cheesy historical romance after all.  Like I said before, the book took some unexpected twists, which was good, but some of them I think felt a bit out of place.  The villain of the book was referenced throughout, but not an actual character or threat until the very end, and his storyline ended quickly and easily.  Once Upon a Scandal was a quick and easy read you'll enjoy well enough, but you won't remember it very far into the future. With all this in mind I rate it a 4, Borrow from a Friend.

Tell me what you think!  Have you read this book?  Did you enjoy it?  Did it feel disjointed at all to you, or was that all me?  Hit the comments!

If Once Upon a Scandal was a movie it would likely be rated R for brief but strong language and sexual content.

***FTC Disclosure:  This book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  No other compensation was given,all opinions are my own*** 

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