Friday, March 4, 2011

Stealing Time

Elisa Paige

It wasn't that she wanted to live forever. She just didn't want to die.

When artist James Wesley realizes Evie Reed is dying, he is so moved by the beautiful reporter's determination to live that he makes her immortal—a vampire, like him. She's the woman he's been waiting over 150 years for. Though initially shocked by the change, Evie quickly embraces her second chance at life, and love.

Just as James and Evie begin to define eternity together, a zealot breaks an ancient treaty, threatening a peace between humans and vampires that has stood for a thousand years. And when he focuses his hatred on Evie, the immortal lovers find themselves swept up in a deadly supernatural war...

My Take: 

I have to admit, I am suffering a bit from vampire overload and fatigue.  However in spite of said fatigue, I found that I did in fact enjoy Stealing Time.  It is tough to stand out when there are so many good hearted vampires who feel torn between their blood lust and compassion, but stand out, classic tall dark and handsome recluse artist by day/compassionate, vampire James Wesley did.  Thankfully, while the romance between the two main characters was sweet (albeit typical) the whole story wasn't about them staring into each other's disgustingly perfect eyes.  There were other romances blossoming all around (tension filled love triangle alert! but thankfully not between the main two characters), there was an interesting cast of characters and a cool take on vampire lore.  If you are a vampire fan, definitely check this one out.  If you aren't, you might want to take a peek anyway, because there is a lot more to this book than meets the eye.  Pretty much all elements of the story have been done before, but the way they are put together in this book, combined with the author's voice (which I very much enjoyed by the way) make this a stand out book.  Also, something else I enjoyed: I'm always a fan of random pairings, I don't know if I've read a book with vampires and Fae together.  Its always vampires and demons, or vampires and werewolves, or Fae and some mythological creature, or whatever, but having the Fae randomly pop in and out of this vampire centric book was fun :)  I enjoyed Stealing Time, and I flew through it in a very short period of time, but unfortunately it is missing that elusive and all important (at least to me) element of resonance.  I wasn't thinking about this book all night after I finished it, which is what it really takes to bump a book up into the upper ratings for me.  With that I give it a good solid rating of a 3, Find a Used Book Store

Do you agree with my review?  Do you think I'm totally off base?  Either way I'd love to hear from you, be sure to leave a comment and tell me how you feel!

If Stealing Time was a movie it would likely be rated R for sexual content and violence

***FTC Disclosure:  This book was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, no other compensation was given, all opinions are my own***

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Lisa - Bookworm Lisa said...

I also gave it a 3 to 3.5 rating. It was interesting, but like you said seemed to use ideas from several different series. Thanks for the review.

Aidana WillowRaven said...

I was ticked to find your blog on BE.

I'm going to follow on FB, too.

Oh, and I love the vintage pics of famous people reading.

Aidana WillowRaven

Nichole said...

Thanks for leaving a comment for me at Bloggy Moms. I'm following your blog now.

Deborah A. said...

I also suffer from vampire fatigue, even though I've only read the Twilight series (and it's been years since I did that). I was intrigued by your review, though, and I'll see if I can find it at our library.


Lindsay said...

I actually won Ms Paige's book Shadowplay from GoodReads, but I haven't started it yet. Have you read it?

Kate the Book Buff said...

@Bookworm Lisa-your welcome! Thank you for stopping by :)

@Aidana WillowRaven I just had to insert my love of old Hollywood into my book blog somewhere! My favorites and Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn

@Nichole-thanks for the follow!

@Deborah A.-I'm glad your going to check this book out, its a fun read

@Lindsay-This is the only book I've read by this author, after you read Shadowplay, stop by and let me know how it is!


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