Monday, March 14, 2011

Kylie Jean Rodeo Queen

Written by Marci Peschke and Illustrated by Tuesday Mourning

My name is Kylie Jean Carter.  Here are some things you need to know about me: I live in Texas.  My color is pink.  I have two brothers, but one of them is a dog.  And my number-one dream is to be a beauty queen!

The rodeo is coming to town!  I want to be Rodeo Queen just like Nanny was when she was a girl.  But if I want to be Rodeo Queen, I have to be in the rodeo.  Rope tricks, bull-riding, barrel-racing...I'll try everything to win that crown!  It would look just perfect on top of my pink cowboy hat--just you wait and see!

My Take:

I cannot tell you just how much I loved this little book!  Well actually, maybe this can give you a clue:  I am very cheap/broke (aren't we all right now?) and after reading the digital copy from NetGalley I am going to head straight out to the book store today to get the print edition of this book and the rest of the series (reviews to come later) to give to my little nieces for birthdays and Christmas.  I'll probably get a set for my daughter too, even though she is too young for the series :)  The writing is completely engaging, Kylie Jean's Texas twang practically jumps out of the pages and is adorable.  The character of Kylie Jean is definitely a kid you want your kids reading about.  She is a pretty little girl who listens to her mom's advice of "pretty is as pretty does."  She works hard to achieve her goals, and is happy and positive.  While her perfection might be a bit grating to a cynical adult, a child will love her.  Aside from the great story, there are fantastic illustrations and great features at the end of the book.  There are discussion starters to get you and your daughter talking, there are creative project prompts, a rodeo term glossary and recipes.  Kylie Jean is 8 years old, which seems to be about the right age of the audience.  It is a good introduction to chapter books and a good challenge for young readers.  Now I will say that Kylie Jean is a big girly girl, and little girls that tend to lean away from princess and pink will likely still enjoy this book, because it has horses and such, but perhaps not as much others who really embrace that which is ultra girly.  1, Pay Full Price

Tell me your opinion!  What do you think of my review?  What are your first impressions based on the cover and description?  Does this seem like a book your little girl would enjoy?  Hit the comments! 

If Kylie Jean Rodeo Queen was a movie it would be rated G, appropriate for all audiences

***FTC Disclosure:  This book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, no other compensation was given, all opinions are my own***

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Krisztina Clifton said...

Oh I was wondering when these books were coming out. I'm glad to hear a good review. My daughter's name is Kylie! So I have to get them!

Kate the Book Buff said...

@Christina-you'll love these books, they are ADORABLE!

Unknown said...

It sounds like a book my daughter would love! She too wants to be a princess! I will have to check it out. Thanks for the great review!

Shannon said...

Such a cute book! Thanks for the review. Will have to go find one :)

Lucia (iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books) said...

Aww so cute! I live in Texas, too! Haha. I've never been to the rodeo, though. Sad, huh?

Thanks for stopping by on my Book Blogs profile! Glad to know people are there to help. :)

iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books

Debbie said...

Hi - I saw your comment on Bloggy Moms and came over to check out your blog. I'm following you now because I I love to read so this will be a good resource.

Unknown said...

You have been awarded on my blog. Please visit post for details.

Love your blog and reviews!

Kimberly said...

I found your blog and I am following you now. I am looking forward to your reviews.

Anonymous said...

I like your review of the book. You describe it really well. It was good to know Kylie Jean's personality "pretty is as pretty does." One of the reasons I want to read this book because I'm from West Texas and have been to my fair share of rodeos! thank you for introducing me to this book!--Alexa Opal Hamilton

ashertopia said...

Thanks for your review. I was checking out other reviews after an 8 year old reviewed this book on our site to see how others viewed it. If you have a second go check it out.

Anonymous said...

I am looking for books for my daughter (10) who has her own Kindle. She loves teeny bopper books and since she's secure in her Christian faith I'm ok with her choices. I always approve them before allowing her to buy them, so it would be great to have a resource like yours to use! Great blog, BTW, found you on Mom Bloggers Club!


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