Friday, January 21, 2011

Don't Die, Dragonfly

Linda Joy Singleton

After getting kicked out of school and sent to live with her grandmother, Sabine Rose is determined to become a "normal" teenage girl. She hides her psychic powers from everyone, even from her grandmother Nona, who also has "the gift." Having a job at the school newspaper and friends like Penny-Love, a popular cheerleader, have helped Sabine fit in at her new school. She has even managed to catch the eye of the adorable Josh DeMarco. Yet, Sabine can't seem to get the bossy voice of Opal, her spirit guide, out of her head . . . or the disturbing images of a girl with a dragonfly tattoo. Suspected of a crime she didn't commit, Sabine must find the strength to defend herself and, later, save a friend from certain danger.

My Take:  

Describe this book in one word, you ask?  Lackluster.  Nothing particularly special or memorable about this book, but nothing absolutely horrible either.  Pretty much all the characters were flat, except for one, Dominic, a boy the main character is none too fond of.  I found him interesting, but his character was completely unexplored.  I was really annoyed with all the typos (this was not an ARC, when I get an advanced copy I don't mention typos, but this was a final version on Amazon) and overall I just couldn't get into the book.  The book had a ton of questions and potentially interesting plot lines to follow, but the conclusion of the book was abrupt and only gave closure to what seemed to me to be the most boring subplot.  There were about half a billion questions left unanswered at the end of the book.  There is a very fine line an author must tread to achieve the perfect balance of answered/unanswered questions at the end of the first book in a series.  You have to give the reader a little so they feel fulfilled but leave them wanting more.  This book left me unfulfilled and not interested in reading the other books, just annoyed.  Because I hate being a negative Debbie Downer, I will say that the book had some interesting ideas, the cover is great (I'm a sucker for purple) and the pacing wasn't bad but overall I've got to give it a rating of 4 Borrow from a Friend

Do you agree with my review?  Do you think I'm totally off base?  Either way I'd love to hear from you, be sure to leave a comment and tell me how you feel!

If Don't Die, Dragonfly was a movie, it would likely be rated PG for some mild language and some violence

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Semper Fi Momma said...

thank you for doing a review of this! lol
I recently downloaded this for free via Amazon Kindle for PC. I haven't read it yet, and now will move this down the list some. Maybe save it for the next time I'm on a plane.

LM Preston said...

Oh well, at least you rated it borrow from a friend. Sometimes an okay read is just fine. The premise seems interesting though. Thanks for reviewing.

Amie said...

I love reading and I can't wait to check out your suggestions.


Caridad Pineiro said...

Came by to visit! Beautiful site and thanks for the welcome over at Mom Bloggers.

Readergirl said...

Oh wow, how timely. I just got this book as a free Amazon download. LOL! It helped to read your review. I love your blog!

Katie said...

Glad I read your review! I was thinking about getting this one, but I will hold off until I am in a slump and my need to read pile isn't so large.

I am following you from Book Blogs

Lysi said...

this book is the beginning of a series of six books, so there are going to be a lot of questions at the end. Right now, I'm reading the firth book, Fatal Charm, and the story is just amazing. The first book kind of sets the foundation for everything and might be a little boring at times, but if you really want to know the essence of the Seer Series, you need to read the rest of the books. They get increasingly better, and you won't be disappointed.


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