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Free Men and Dreamers Volume II: Twilight's Last Gleaming

L.C. Lewis

While cannons roar and rockets ignite American skies, disease ravages the upper Connecticut Valley. Few notice the sufferings of the families . . . Of a single child . . . A remarkable lad named Joseph. Attentions are forced elsewhere on the Chesapeake, which guards the entrance to the infant nation's threatened capital. It is the height of the War of 1812. As the beleaguered American forces begin to rally, Britain's military is divided between battlefronts on two continents. Until Napoleon can be toppled and all of the crow's resources can be diverted to the American campaign, Britain needs a tactical diversion. They attack the Chesapeake Bay.

Lieutenant Jed Pearson heads to war, leaving his beloved Willows estate in the care of powerless freed slaves. But soon circumstances will blur the line between adversary and friend, family and foe, British and American. In this second volume of the epic historical series Free Men and Dreamers, witness the saga of five families caught in the tumult of the oft-forgotten war that cemented American Liberty and set the stage for the great work of the Restoration.

My Take: 

This book is the 2nd book in the Free Men and Dreamers series chronicling fictional families during the little thought about, yet important, War of 1812.  I have to say that L.C. Lewis really found her footing on this book.  The first book, Dark Sky at Dawn, was an awesome book, but there were a few kinks, which I think were all smoothed out in Twilight's Last Gleaming.  There were so many things I loved about this book, I'm not quite sure what I want to talk about first.  Hmmm, let's about we discuss the characters first?  I really hate when historical fiction books that take place during wartime make one side the absolute bad guys and the other side the absolute good guys, which thankfully this book does not do.  The author really shines by creating complex and real characters.  The good guys have flaws, and even some of the bad guys have a redeeming quality or two, which of course makes every character more relatable and enjoyable.  The next thing I really enjoyed were all the romances going on.  There were quite a few, some of them come to heartwarming fruition, some were left hanging for future books, and some, be prepared, end in heartbreak.  The pacing of the romances were a bit off in the first book, but were perfect in this one.  The politics behind the war (though some of the reasons behind the war are fictionalized to go with the backgrounds of some of the characters) are not discussed too much, because the book series is really more about the characters than the events, but just enough to be informative.  After reading this series so far, I have really gained a new found appreciation for this particular generation of Americans.  But don't worry, if you aren't American, I think you'd still enjoy this book immensely.  I can't think of how many War of the Roses books I've read and loved and I'm born and bred American :)  All in all I'd say this book was absolutely wonderful and proudly give it a rating of 1, Pay Full Price. 

Do you agree with my review?  Do you think I'm totally off base?  Either way I'd love to hear from you, be sure to leave a comment and tell me how you feel!

If Twilight's Last Gleaming was a movie, it would be rated PG, for some violence

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Laurie LC Lewis said...

Dear K8,

Your wonderful review popped up on my Google Alert and what a wonderful surprise it was. Thank you for the lovely comments, and for giving such careful consideration to the details of "Twilight's Last Gleaming." I'm delighted you enjoyed it, and feel honored to get a "1" rating!

We're winding up the series in the spring. It will be hard to get these characters out of my head.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

Laurie LC Lewis

Mong Shan said...

This is a very useful web site. Your reviews are very insightful and thought provoking. Your love for reading puts me to shame! Keep up the great work!

Mong Shan said...

This is a very useful website. Your reviews are very insightful and thought provoking! Your love for reading put me to shame. Keep blogging!

Queen Mom said...

Well done. You should write for the covers of books!

Thanks for the welcome on Giveaway Blogs! I'm your newest follower...come on over to Mommy Rantings ( and - if you like it, follow back!

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