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Poetry in Motion or Speedbumps of Life

Andrew J. Eaton

Andrew J. Eaton has encapsulated life’s ups and downs and, from his soulspeak, created a poetic and beautiful rendering in Poetry in Motion or Speedbumps of Life. This anthology of poetry explores the territories of the human psyche -- love, loss, joy, grief and forgiveness.

Gleaning inspiration from his own personal life lessons, Eaton gets to the core of human emotion -- how pain can be a path toward healing, how losing love can inspire one to love him or herself, how music, works of art, films and everyday happenings can inspire us to take a leap of faith, and how the humanness in others can make us realize how we are all the same -- we want to be loved, listened to, and feel a connection to the world.

My Take:
Poetry in Motion or Speedbumps of Life is some of the better poetry I've read lately.  While the poems that centered around love began to feel a bit cookie cutter from one to the next, I really enjoyed the more individually themed poems.  The more individual poems seemed to be the ones focused on a particular person, such as the author's mom, a lost friend, or a forgotten soldier.  The love poems felt like filler, but there were a few shining stars.  One poem, A Loss Not Forgotten, had particular resonance.  It isn't a life changer by any means, but you know the author really feels the loss he's describing, the following is an excerpt:

A soul mate to one
A mother of three
A small gift from heaven
Given to us all

More than a wife 
More than a mother
More than a sister
Always a friend

We all needed her
But heaven needs her more
Memories of the good times
Will help fill the void

Not seeing her or hearing hr voice
Will always leave us a little empty
Knowing she is with loved ones
Helps heal this unbearable pain
We all share together
We love you and will always miss you

Not Keats or Shelley, but these are simple words with true feeling behind them.  The poetry doesn't feel pretentious to me at all.  Again, the poems with truth and passion behind them stood out amidst the sea of "love is greater than money" "love conquers all" centric pieces.  If you don't particularly enjoy poetry, in all honesty, this compilation will not likely make you a convert.  But if you do enjoy poetry, I rate Poetry in Motion or Speedbumps of Life a 3, Find a Used Book Store.

Do you agree with my review?  Do you think I'm totally off base?  Either way I'd love to hear from you, be sure to leave a comment and tell me how you feel!

Now a few words with the author, Andrew Eaton:

The Book Buff: When did you begin writing?  

Andrew Eaton: About 4 years ago. It was a way of self-therapy

TBB: What inspired you to write Poetry in Motion or Speedbumps of Life?   

AE: Many negative and hardships had entered my life that I was trying to get a grip on.  A birthday card poem lead to another to another and so on.  Blessings came from above in many different forms of expression.

TBB: How did you come up with the title?   

AE: We are all poetry in motion, written by a higher power.  The intent is beautiful, the result is up to us as individuals.  Some embrace the speedbumps of life with grace, as others stumble.

TBB: How much of your work is based in reality?     

AE: All of It.  My exploration into people and music, or life itself to help me understand

TBB: What was the hardest part of writing Poetry in Motion or Speedbumps of Life?    

AE: Having the guts to offer it to others.  Passion is never hard to express, but always to convey to others to enjoy and get something or anything from it.

TBB: What books have most influenced your life most?    

AE: I think Mr. Robert Frost, among others.  He reminded me of the simple things in childhood that meant so much.  The fond memories of my grandparents, and time spent and lost with them.

TBB: Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?     

AE: Use my poetry or others to help understand Life.  I've written a poem from a single word in a song or a person in need to inspire me.  Helpless, only means you have to try harder as you give more to others without it.  Belief is such a powerful word.  Always believe in yourself and your ability to give without asking.  It all comes back in time.  If you bless me, in reading my book, Thank You!  Always

If you are interested in learning more about Andrew Eaton's work, please check out

***FTC Disclosure:  This book was provided in exchange for an honest review, no other compensation was given, all opinions are my own***

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Sandy said...

See? Writers take note! While not necessarily creative genius, this one, as simple as it is, is a far cry from the last poetry you reviewed. Thanks!


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