Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher

Rob Stennett

Meet Ryan Fisher. He’s young, energetic, and needs an edge in the real estate market. He’s found the perfect niche: Christians. His business doubles when he advertises in the Christian business directory, and he begins to think he could really cash in by planting a church. But when the church takes off, Ryan is in over his head.

My Take:
"The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher" is a satire on the commercialization of Christianity, but just doesn't push the envelope far enough.  I felt like the author was trying to please everyone with this book, Christians and non-Christians alike, so I felt confused, because I wasn't quite sure if I belonged to the group he was aiming for or not.  I think if you are going to write an effective satire, you need to be totally outrageous, for example, see Jonathan's Swift's A Modest Proposal, in which he proposes to end over population and starvation by eating babies.  It is absolutely crazy, and even morbid, but that is what a satire is all about, going just a smidge too far.  The story line was so-so, the characters were so-so.  I wasn't really rooting for anyone in particular, as the main character was basically a slick salesman--not appealing.  Some of the transitions in the book felt very awkward, switching from one person's thought process to another with no warning.  For all the things I wasn't crazy about, there were some interesting aspects.  One in particular is when the main character came to key decisions he had to make, the author styled the writing after those "Choose Your Own Adventure" kid's books from the 90s, it added a fun and new twist.  Overall the book wasn't terrible, but it was okay.  "The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher" tried to be funny, but didn't quite attain it's goal.  While it isn't a total waste of time, I wouldn't recommend spending any money on it, and therefore rate it a 4, Borrow from a Friend.

Do you agree with my review?  Do you think I'm totally off base?  Either way I'd love to hear from you, be sure to leave a comment and tell me how you feel!

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If this book were a movie, it would likely be rated PG. There is a beginning of an affair, but it doesn't get to into details, and there is a mention of loss of virginity, but goes into no detail.

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J said...

Hi this book is very much relevant in these times when people are willing to commercialize everything, even something as sacred as religion, just to earn a quick buck.

The Book Buff said...

I agree, I just wish that as a satire it was a bit edgier :) I feel like satires should really push the envelope, but this book was afraid of offending anyone. I think if you're going to make a statement, make it strongly and don't be afraid.

OutnumberedMama said...

Hey, Howdy, Hi! I am stopping by to let you know that I have a surprise for you over on my blog -

I like your honest review of this book. I think I will still give it a read but I agree with you about Satires!


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